C U R R E N T  P R O J E C T s



Coming in 2021. Floating White House is a site-specific performance and installation aboard Franklin Delano Roosevelt's presidential ship, The USS Potomac. This ship is where FDR did much of his writing and thinking until his death in 1945, including his famous "Fireside Chats," which reached people across America via the airwaves. FDR's broadcasts to the nation were very much a barometer for what the country was going through politically and socially during a very difficult period for this country and the world at large. It was the first time in history that a president had used nascent radio technology to intimately transmit his voice into the living rooms of the American people. Over six weeks audiences will be invited aboard the Potomac, currently docked in Oakland, CA. The vessel transforms into an immersive performance space, social club environment, and national broadcasting station centered around community addresses that recreate FDR's Fireside Chats for the country today.



FureHellNow is part of an ongoing inquiry into American ideas of disaster and the future. Sometimes I refer to this part of my practice as my Survival Series. FutureHellNow is both an installation and a performance space where I have constructed a potential domestic reality that integrates the less visible but ever present alarm and panic that is perpetual inside me/us. In this project I am exploring the neurological processes triggered in emergency survival scenarios and clumsily playing with how to apply them to slow motion disasters of global and historical proportions. During gallery hours audience members will find a note on the nightstand that reads: “Welcome to FutureHellNow, Please come inside and explore the space. No shoes on the bed, but if you take them off you are welcome under the covers. I have left some reading material for you on the nightstand and some ear plugs if you need to nap".


Old Man, Dance

Old Man, Dance Work In Progress. In April 2019 I enlisted 5 white men over the age of 65, all of whom are not performers, to explore white male performances of power. We entered into an agreement to subvert the white male gaze, by instead placing my queer gaze onto their bodies. I am curious to explore my impulses towards them - to not distance myself from white men no matter how bad I want to, but instead explore the possibilities of directing them into shapes that might be loving, healing, productive, or cathartic. So far, it’s impossible for them to make the right shape but there has been something very meaningful in watching their bodies be of service and up against impossible odds.



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